Tuesday, June 18, 2024

After Drama of Quitting Show Via EUR, Fox Orders 2 More Episodes of ‘Lethal Weapon’ with Damon Wayans

*Fox has picked up two additional episodes for the third season of “Lethal Weapon” bringing the action dramedy to 15 episodes that will all feature Damon Wayans.

Remewmber, it was us, EUR/Electronic Urban Report, that broke the EXCLUSIVE news earlier this month that the actor would be leaving the show after completing the initial 13-episode Season 3 order, citing his health and his family as the reason.

“I’m a 58-year-old diabetic, and I’m working 16-hour days,” he said in the interview.

“I’m giving them enough time to find a replacement,” he told EUR. “You have to look yourself in the eye and ask, who are you? It can’t be all about work,” he explained. “I’m from a big family, a loving family. All the family gatherings, I haven’t seen them. I’m too tired or I can’t because it conflicts with work,” Wayans explained.

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“I have seven grandkids. I’ve been missing recitals and graduations. To me, it’s just not worth it. There is a better way to live life.”

He even quoted his character: “Like Murtaugh said, I’m too old for this.”

The bombshell announcement stunned the studio and producers, who, according to Deadline, have worked out a schedule that will not impact his health, and Wayans will be provided special diabetic meals on set. With those conditions in place, the actor agreed to continue on the show for the two additional episodes and might, that’s right, he MIGHT return for a possible fourth season should the series get renewed.

In related news, Wayans is set to guest star on his son Damon Wayans Jr.’s CBS comedy series “Happy Together.”

via Cinema Blend:

In a neat casting move, the Wayans will be playing father and son on the sitcom. Here is what you need to know.

The episode is titled “Like Father, Like Son,” and it will center on Damon Wayans’ Mike visiting his son, Jake. Mike’s visit comes as Jake is trying to keep the romance alive in his and his wife’s relationship. She is away on a business trip in the episode. It sounds like grounds for a terrific comic set-up. Not much else was spoiled in the synopsis regarding the dynamic between the father/son duo, but a still from the episode teases an upbeat reunion between them.

Damon Wayans’ episode of “Happy Together” airs October 29.

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