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Feds Indict Cops Who Beat Latino Teens and Said ‘Welcome to the white man’s world’ [WATCH]

*A racist and unhinged Massachusetts cop is facing federal charges for allegedly beating a Latino teen under arrest and spitting on him as he proclaimed, “Welcome to the white man’s world,” NY Post reports.

According to a new indictment, suspended Springfield officer Gregg Bigda has been hit with excessive force charges related to the February 2016 arrest of a group of teens who were busted for stealing an undercover police vehicle, reported.

Bigda’s rage was captured during the interrogation of some of the teens. In the 30-minute clip, which was posted to YouTube (see above), he threatens to kill one of the youths and plant drugs on him.

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“I’m not hampered by the f–king truth ’cause I don’t give a f–k! People like you belong in jail. I’ll charge you with whatever. I’ll stick a f–king kilo of coke in your pocket and put you away for 15 years,” he shouts.

A lawsuit filed by one of the teens accuses Bigda of being drunk that night, and that narcotics detective Steven Vigneault picked up food from a pizzeria in hopes of sobering him up. Vigneault has also been charged for his alleged involvement in the beatdown, as his SUV was stolen by the teens as he was inside the pizza shop.

Vigneault been indicted on excessive force charges, which included kicking the teens in the face while handcuffed. Bigda faces additional charges of abusive interrogation tactics and filing false reports denying being a witness to any police-involved beating during the arrests.

Bigda and Vigneault have pleaded not guilty to charges. Both men were released on bail and face up to 15 years in prison.

In the past, Bigda has been accused of assaulting a pregnant woman, declaring “I hate Puerto Ricans” and macing puppies to death, the report states. 

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