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Fans Unite to Tell Stories of Prince in the First-of-Its-Kind Anthology

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*Dayton, OH — A call for submissions is open for Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince, the first-of-its-kind anthology honoring the legendary artist. Award-winning author, Andrea Foy, is compiling the anthology filled with stories from Prince‘s fams. For inclusion consideration, story synopses are requested by October 1, 2018. Complete details about how to contribute to this unique compilation are available at

Andrea Foy says, “Scores of books have been written about Prince – biographies, photo books and music dissection – but Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince will be the first collection of stories from his adoring fam.” Foy, a former resident of Minneapolis an avid Prince fam, had hundreds of encounters with the artist. “Prince referred to his fans as ‘fam’ because he considered us family. As the compiler of this anthology, I want to honor the legacy of the man who had such an amazing effect on the world. Beyond his music and showmanship, he was a good person.”

Books like Moments… Remembering Prince by Marylou Badeau, Famous People Who’ve Met Me: A Memoir by the Man Who Discovered Prince by Own Husney, and My Time with Prince: Confessions of a Former Revolutionary by Dez Dickerson were written by professionals who worked with Prince. In contrast, Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince is a memoir of real-life experiences with the man, his music and his mystique. Prince fam honor him as an amazing artist and person with tributes of chance encounters, life-changing concert experiences and his monumental influence.

About Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince
Like Elvis, Michael and Bowie, Prince is a music icon. He mesmerized, entertained and stimulated imaginations creating a rabid base of adoring fam. Whether his music inspired you to fall in love, improve your musicality or dance like no one’s watching, Prince referred to his admirers as fam (short for family).

Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince is a tribute to the man with unparalleled musicianship and endearing compassion. Filled with real-life stories, this compilation includes inspiration from chance encounters, favorite songs and life-changing concert experiences. Although nearly one hundred books have been written about this legend, Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince is the first fam anthology.

About Andrea Foy
Having attended almost 100 concerts, visited Paisley Park hundreds of times and spoken with Prince on numerous occasions, Andrea Foy had a 40-year stretch as a devoted fam. She received personal invitations to private Paisley parties and was promoted to VIP Fam with perks of free concert admissions, preferred seating and exclusive Prince merchandise. In 2017, Andrea spoke at the first Interdisciplinary Prince Conference in the United Kingdom. She shared stories about the artist she appreciated, admired and adored based on her award-winning memoir, Prince and Me, His #1 Fan: My Minneapolis Memories. For more details, visit her at

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