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Fans Slam ‘Fake News’ That Kenya Moore ‘Shuts Down Company Amid ‘RHOA’ Demotion’

*Kenya Moore reportedly lost her Georgia peach when she was recently demoted on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Bravo execs made the call to limit Kenya’s screentime next season because she kept secret her wedding to new husband Marc Daly. Even her shocking pregnancy at age 47 wasn’t enough to save her job.

Following news of her demotion, exclusively reports that Moore shut her business down.

According to the report, “papers obtained from the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division show that Moore’s production company Moore Vision Media, INC became effective on March 29, 2014.”

But she voluntarily terminated the business and it was dissolved on January 30, 2015.

Radar reports that this “business bombshell” comes after the site “exclusively reported that she has been demoted on RHOA.”

“Shooting starts in two weeks and Kenya will not hold a peach,” a source told Radar. “Execs aren’t even sure if Kenya will be a ‘friend’ on the show. She’s been fired as a fulltime housewife. She just hasn’t delivered anything that people want to watch. So she’s out.”

“A final decision hasn’t been made on Kenya, but she is definitely not a full-time housewife,” the source insisted.

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Meanwhile, fans have responded to this so-called “business bombshell” by noting: “What does shutting down her business in 2015 have to do with her RHOA status now? ROL…you’re reaching,” said one reader in the comments.

Another Radar reader asked: “2015? Really?”

“ROL is forever grasping at straws,” wrote another commenter, while another said: “maybe she dissolved her “company” because it wasn’t making any money,” wrote another.

User PurpleWeights said: “Make up your mind, first you say she has no business and then you say she has a hair care line! This site really is getting crappy or you have the worst proofreaders in the world!”

When she announced her pregnancy while filming the RHOA reunion in March, a source told Radar that her co-stars were skeptical about the news.

“Kenya didn’t look pregnant; all of the ladies have had kids and they totally didn’t believe her,” a source told Radar of the reunion, which aired in April. “No one really believes Kenya is pregnant and the producers think that she said she was pregnant in order to get signed up for the next season. This was a last-ditch effort to get a contract.”

Kenya Moore hit up Twitter on Friday (June 1) to post a message that seems to address all the pearl-clutching headlines she’s making these days.

“It never ceases to amaze me how low budget blogs post a story and it becomes facts echoed by other low budget blogs. Wow the power in my name and money I make for all these “blogs” … I should get a cut,” she wrote.”

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