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Ever Wonder Why Your Eyelid Twitches?

*My eye has been twitching like crazy over the past couple of  days. It’s annoying more than anything. I began to research the cause of this and it got deep. It depended on which eyelid was twitching? Right of left, and how long has it been twitching… for an entire day?

Well dang.  I really hadn’t thought that deeply about it.

Then I happened to mention it to a friend from Senegal, and of course, this totally different culture had its own centuries-old beliefs. “In my country, it means you will soon see something,” was the response.

“Oy vey,” I thought to myself, rolling my eyes in a here we go kind of way.

“See something?,” I asked, wanting him to elaborate. “Did they quantify it? You know, say whether the ‘something you’re going to see’ will be good or bad?”

“Good!” he said.

I allowed myself to surrender my sarcasm long enough to dream. “Wow!” I thought. “Maybe I’m going to get a huge payday! Maybe my book will be a bestseller! Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life!”

As it turns out, the experts chimed in, saying the involuntary eye spasm known colloquially as when your eye “jumps”—or twitches without warning or reason has multiple parts and meanings depending on, again, which eye is affected. They kind of confirmed my friends’ belief, but called it a “superstition,” that says if your right eye jumps, you are going to hear good news.

OK. We covered that. So it can only mean one thing right… if its your left eye… bad news is on the way?

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