Monday, June 24, 2024

EUR Insight/The Myth of the ‘Good Negro’ – VIDEO

*What do you think will classify us as a “good black person?” Black people are one of the most ambitious and talented races here in America. But because of the lack of opportunities, their spirits get crushed from time to time.

It is said that no matter what your zip code or color is, you can make it in America. They even say that all those videos of assault and abuse on news networks is because of bad parenting or bad behavior. Even some unknown pathology about poverty is blamed now and then. What if we told you that all these are lies?

The legacy of racism still prevails in the country and people of color are impacted by this every day. “Better decisions make better people” is a fantasy that has been embedded into our community as a whole. No matter how much you thrive in the community, you suffering will only be based on your color. We’ve all known this for quite a while.

The people who thrive in the community and avoid speaking about racial issues are the ones who are resorting to what the whites call a “good negro.” By doing this, these people are allowing their white friends to deny that discrimination happens or is in fact commonplace in society. They’d rather blame it on problems like education and economic status.

Even when you resort to the life of a “good black person,” you will still face the indignities of being pulled over to show your I.D. or getting picked at the airport for a random screening. People will also automatically assume that you are uneducated or financially challenged. If you don’t think this is the case, you should notice the sudden tension in an area when you shed your ‘white clothes’ walk in dressed as the other black ‘types’.

It is the responsibility of the “good blacks’” to set an example for the rest of their community and change these perceptions. People should know that if a black person commits an offense, it is not a race thing, but a poverty thing. People shouldn’t just assume that you’re “exactly like the others.”

All we want as a community is fairness – not justice. If we get fairness, we wouldn’t need justice. Imagine a future where our children won’t be safe. Would being a good black person be enough then?

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