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Eli ‘Trueboy’ Clayton: Video Game Champ Targeted by Disgruntled Gunman at Madden Tournament

*One of the men shot and killed at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday was a popular video gaming champion from California who had won the national tournament, the Madden Classic, two years ago.

Eli ‘Trueboy’ Clayton was among the victims gunned down at the EA Madden NFL 19 Classic video game tournament on Aug. 26.

According to CNN, the other victim was a former high school football player Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Robertson who won $51,000 in his short gaming career.

Nine other people suffered gunshot wounds and two people were injured fleeing the area. The gunman, identified as 24-year-old David Katz, then turned his weapon on himself.

The mass shooting occurred at the GLHF Game Bar where “gun-free zone” signs posted throughout the bar.

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Katz reportedly lost his game, left the bar, then returned 30 seconds later and began shooting.

Clayton was reportedly among the country’s top Madden players invited to participate in the first Round of a Madden NFL 19 Satellite Qualifier. He originally did not plan to attend the tournament, but in a tweet on Aug. 20, he noted that he “had a change of heart” and would be in Jacksonville for the event.

The Madden Qualifier was live-streaming on ESPN2 and Twitch when Katz began shooting.

As noted by Sandra Rose, the video cuts out just after a red laser dot appears on Clayton’s chest. Loud popping sounds are heard, followed by screaming and dropped controllers. Watch below.

CAUTION: the video below contains sounds of graphic violence which may be disturbing to some viewers.

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