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Don Lemon in Conversation with … ICON MANN | September, 2018 Edition

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“…one of the biggest issues that I have to deal with is protecting my spirit amidst the 24-hour news cycle and the current political climate.​” Don Lemon

It is not hyperbolic to say, ‘the next 59 days are pivotal to the United States and the world. On Tuesday, November 06th, voters take to the polls for mid-term elections to decide who our elected officials will be. The information we get concerning these campaigning officials and their policies, for this country and its people, will determine our fate for the next five years and beyond. Where and from whom this information is gathered is the focus for this week’s Friday Drop of ICON MANN’s IN CONVERSATION WITH… DON LEMON, American Journalist and CNN Tonight Host, follows in the great tradition of newsmen like Ed Bradley and Dan Rather whose journalistic integrity never allowed alternative facts as truth or basis.

In the years that he has been on the national stage, Lemon has allowed his humanity to shine through independent of opinion or convention. He knows that his position requires he maintain a finger on the pulse of current events at all times, “..I spent my morning texting people regarding the Omarosa stuff, the N-word tapes,” but at what cost personal? Don shares with us how he is reclaiming his spirit and balancing the blessed life his career success affords. “I just want to keep getting better and keep helping to serve the country and the world. That’s it. Oh, and become the first gay President of the United States.” Now that is PRIDE!

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Tamara N. Houston, EIC

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