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‘Doctor Who’ Continues To Shake It Up With Jodie Whittaker and Rosa Parks

Jodie Whittaker at New York Comic Con, Javits Center (MMoore Photo)

*The new and improved “Doctor Who” that airs on Sunday is back and continues to shake things up with a female Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker), and a segment dealing with racism.

It no fluke “Doctor Who” has survived 55 years considering it not only offers exceptional entertainment but broadens the landscape with multicolored brushes.

In “Rosa,” the third episode, Doctor Who and her companions time travel to racially charged  Montgomery, Alabama and meet Rosa Parks. The group attempts  to “keep history in order” in the face of a mysterious figure seemingly trying to disrupt Park’s famous protest against the state’s segregated transportation.

I caught up with Jodie at New York Comic Con and asked her about her new role and being the first female to play the Doctor.

Jodie, were you apprehensive about taking on a role that was previous held by a man?

No. You know, you can look up to people whether they are a man or a woman, or look similar to you or not. So I think the wonderful thing is that the Whovian fans and the Whovian world are so inclusive, welcoming and embracing a new doctor is not a problem.

Rosa Parks (Vinette Robinson in a scene from “Rosa.” (Coco Van Oppens Photo)

Did the #MeToo movement have an affect in the decision making?

Well, I was cast before hand and for me, I think the importance is united voice of women being heard, being listened to in every capacity, and the representation onscreen. It wasn’t an intentional move or jumping onto something being cast in this role. Hopefully, the future is about a more inclusive, safe, and open to conversation environment.

Doctor Who and companions.

How is it working with your companions?

It’s been an absolute riot. The chemistry was instantaneous. I’m in love with those people on and off screen. There is no effort required for the chemistry and performances. It feels strange to be here without them.       Twitter: @thefilmstrip

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