Saturday, June 22, 2024

Diddy No Longer Wants an NFL Team: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Associated With Oppressing Black Men’

*Diddy has punted on his dream of becoming an NFL owner.

The 48-year-old rap mogul went all out in a bid to buy the Carolina Panthers in February, but changed his tune on ownership after the league announced its new rule requiring players to stand for the national anthem while on the sidelines.

He now wants nothing to do with the NFL.

“I was one of the two last bids for the Panthers. Man, I really wanted to go in there and be a part of the NFL and try to be a positive change. This last move, though, I don’t even want to own an NFL team no more,” the Harlem native said during an appearance on BigBoyTV Thursday.

“I don’t want to be associated with oppressing black men. I don’t want to be associated with telling grown a– men what they can do and cannot do.”

As previously reported, the NFL announced last month that players must either stand for the “Star Spangled Banner” or stay in the locker room. Anyone who kneels will face a fine.

The rule attempts to squash protest against police brutality started by Colin Kaepernick that has since spread across all teams. The 30-year-old quarterback, who hasn’t played since the end of the 2016 season, is currently suing the NFL for collusion.

Diddy said of NFL players: “Y’all in a messed-up position, but this is a defining time and if Ali and all them was able to do it, if Jim Brown was able to do it, if y’all stick together, they can’t break you,” he said.

“I’m just at a point where my feelings are hurt because I’m such an NFL fan. And I hope they do what they have to do to fix it. And I hope that they re-engage my dream to want to do that, because if not, I don’t want to be associated, to be around a table that does that to people at all.”

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