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Brooklyn Tankard Opens Up about Rape, Prostitution, Drugs and Depression on New Single ‘Controlla’

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*Many things have changed since Brooklyn Tankard, affectionately known as “Queen Brooklyn,” last appeared as the larger-than-life redhead on Bravo’s record-breaking reality show, “Thicker than Water” in 2016.

She has toured the world as an empowerment speaker and event host, and spent time raising her teenage daughter. However, during that span she also faced bouts with depression, before ultimately finding peace and letting it all out in the studio. The result is amazing new music and digital content this summer, beginning with her latest single, “Controlla,” released on June 20th – her 30th birthday.

“Controlla,” a provocative song about being in bondage, is the first installment of a three-song series that walks listeners through Tankard’s 30-year journey to self-discovery and self-love. It is also intended to empower struggling women to break free from the mental, emotional and physical shackles that often hinder them from achieving their goals and life’s purpose.

“The feeling of being in bondage is something I think many women face at one point or another,” she said. “For some it is a battle with drugs or alcohol, sex, insecurity, stress or depression. For others, it may be an unhealthy relationship or the loss of a loved one. The key is for us to not let our struggles define who we are. We must free ourselves so that we can heal and rise above them.”


Tankard’s own troubles have been well documented. Such as run-ins with the law, which were referenced during her time on “Thicker than Water.” Other situations however, fans will be learning about for the first time. For example, she was molested by her step-brother between the ages of 8-11, setting the tone for many issues with confidence, self-love and self-worth.

“I look back at the old me and I don’t recognize that person. I was that girl who was molested, abused, raped and tortured, pregnant at 14, had a baby at 15 and left home,” Tankard said. “Still, I had to take care of my child, so I went into survival mode and by the time I was 18, I caught a felony gun charge. It was then hard for me to get a job. So, at 18 with a baby, I went to the streets. I got caught up with the wrong crowd and ended up getting into prostitution. I had sex with hundreds of guys and it is a miracle that I did not end up with any type of disease. I eventually started dealing with drugs and one of the leaders of the drug ring I was connected with is serving 70 years. By the age of 20, I was throwing parties at one of my friend’s real estate properties, but I turned it into a brothel, which got raided on my 21st birthday. There is so much…. I was a broken girl.”

Brooklyn Tankard

Tankard feels that in order to heal, one must accept and own the realities of their past. That is the reason behind her own transparency. In a sense, it is a way to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Upon the release of the “Controlla” song and video, she is launching the #NotMyControlla Movement on her social media platforms. Fans will post videos sharing struggles that they plan to break free from, using the hashtag. Tankard’s hope is to spark dialogue and build a community of support.

“The message behind this song is very deep and I wanted to bring it forth digitally,” she said. “It is a bit risqué and provocative, but I want people to really feel where I am coming from. I want to show them that this is not who I am, but who I was.”

Download Brooklyn Tankard’s new song “Controlla” at Follow her on Instagram @queenbrooklyn and Facebook @queenbrooklyntankard for updates and to stay abreast of her movement.

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