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Blind Item: Like Father Like Son

Michael Douglas walking with father Kirk Douglas

*The following Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

Back in the day there was a franchise. They didn’t really call them franchises back then, they would just roll off a bunch of sequels until people stopped buying tickets. I’m actually a little surprised with the lack of creativity in Hollywood that no one has tried to revive this particular franchise. Maybe it is because of what happened during the final installment. Our actor was a huge star. He had already won an Academy Award. He is a celebrity offspring of someone arguably more famous.

Anyway, our actor was filming this movie and was drinking as he often did at that time. He went down to the bar in his hotel which was known for local women who had regular jobs but would supplement it by meeting with men staying at the hotel. Our actor picked up a woman and brought her upstairs to the room. He then had very violent sex with her and she ended up having a seizure while he was choking her and she died.

Well, our actor freaked out, but apparently during the filming he had been paying so many bribes that he knew all he would probably have to do is pay a bribe. He actually ended up getting the police to help him get rid of the body in the hotel room. They did whatever they do in that situation and he never heard of it again. The crazy thing is, he used to be proud of this story and told it regularly. He stopped telling it about twenty years ago but it was one of his favorite go to tales of being an actor and having adventures.

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