Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bad News for Donald Trump: Democrats Are Back in Control of the House

*(Via Vox) – Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives which means their days of standing by just helplessly watching President Donald Trump are gone.

The party’s House majority will allow them to launch subpoena-powered investigations into the president’s finances, Russian interference, administration ethics scandals, and so much more — and to halt the conservative legislative agenda in its tracks. They could even demand Trump’s long-concealed tax returns.

This very well may lead to all-out warfare between the House and the president. It’s possible that a crisis will unfold anytime they have to work together on a bill, that congressional investigators will unearth scandal after scandal, and even that an impeachment effort might be in the future.

But the Democratic takeover also provides Trump with some opportunities, should he decide he wants to take advantage of them. With his 2020 reelection campaign about to begin, he may well want to try to prove to voters that he can achieve something — by working with Democrats. This is what the likes of Bill Clinton — and, to some degree, even Richard Nixon — did to build a more popular image with the American people in the face of a hostile Congress.

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