Friday, May 24, 2024

Amid Rape Allegations Kimora Lee Simmons Tepidly Defends Russell Simmons

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russell simmons & kimora lee simmons
*With all the rape and sexual assault charges/allegations being directed against him, all we can say is we’re glad were not in Russell Simmons‘ shoes.

However, a certain and prominent female, his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters – Kimora Lee Simmons – is lending her support, which has got to be a huge relief for him.

“These allegations against him are nothing like the person I have known,” she says.

Hmm, that doesn’t exactly sound like a full-throated defense of her ex, but on the other hand, Kimora Lee also believes in the fight for victims to be heard.

“I believe that no one should be shamed or be portrayed as an unreliable witness to their own experience for speaking up. Nor do I believe anyone should be condemned legally without due process and a fair trial.”

Check out her full statement below.

Now that I put my baby down…

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There’s also video of Kimora Lee being asked by a video guy if she believes Russell Simmons is innocent of all the allegations.

What’s interesting is her expression/reaction to the question and the time it took for her to respond.

We may be making more of it than we should, which is why we’re asking you to give us your thoughts. In any event, you can check it out HERE at TMZ.

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