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Adrienne Bailon-Houghton Talks the New Season of ‘Showtime At The Apollo’ – EUR Exclusive!

Adrienne Bailon & Jill Munroe
Adrienne Bailon & Jill Munroe

*EURweb’s Jill Munroe sat down in a Q&A with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton host of “The Real” and Fox’s “Showtime At The Apollo.” She talked to Adrienne about her new role on the show and the true star of the show: the audience.

Adrienne’s role is expanded from the legendary Kiki Shepard’s.  She’s backstage connecting with the supporters of the performers hitting the stage to get their backstory and discover what led them to the famed Harlem establishment.

It takes confidence to get up on the Apollo stage. A lot of careers have been birthed from those two minutes in the spotlight. Steve Harvey pointed out that there aren’t just three or four judges like the new talent competition shows, there are actually 1500 judges with the audience, who can boo you at any given moment to activate Sandman sweeping you off that stage. The audience isn’t afraid to let the hopefuls know that they aren’t it.

Those moments can be nerve wracking but Adrienne has been there. She first hit the Apollo stage at age 14 with her group 3LW. One thing she said the performers can take away from the experience if they get booed is to get better. Learning to take command of the stage and owning the audience will make you stronger as a performer. If you can take a “no” now from the Apollo audience, you are prepared for anything that comes with your career later on down the line.

On the flipside of that, she shared that there are people who have exited the stage with a ton of confidence like “nah, the audience was just off tonight, it’s just them, I’m hot.” She pointed out that the great Lauryn Hill was once booed at 13 on the stage. We know what great things she went on to accomplish.

Adrienne also acknowledged that there are some haters in the audience too. Those types seem to simply be there just to get the audience riled up to boo. Don’t worry, there are mics in the audience so you’ll get to hear and see some of the reactions.

The new season of “Showtime At The Apollo” starts March 1 on Fox.

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