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8 Interesting Revelations From Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike on ‘The Breakfast Club’ [VIDEO]


*Former New Edition members Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe are hitting the road together next month as RBRM.

As reported by Rolling Stone, the RBRM tour follows the release in 2017 of “The New Edition Story,” a three-part biopic on BET that drew nearly 30 million viewers.

“It’s not a new name for New Edition. We’re still New Edition. Our names just happen to be Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike. There would be no BBD, RBRM, no Bobby Brown without New Edition,” Bell tells FOX 5 NY.

The RBRM tour is a replacement for the planned New Edition reunion that was scrapped due to tensions within the group.

“We’re doing songs that mean something to the crowds,” said Brown. “All of the hits. Definitely all of the hits. Then some that fans just know. We didn’t necessarily put it out as a single but that fans know the songs.”

“Since Ralph has his radio show and Johnny’s been touring, a New Edition thing wasn’t able to happen,” he previously shared with Rolling Stone. “We decided to put a group together and perform for the people.”

Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about their upcoming tour and they get candid about their previous drug use, Mike Tyson, being high school dropouts and more.

Below are 8 things we learned about the guys from the “The Breakfast Club.”

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rbrm (new edition)

The RBRM kicks of their tour on September 6. Click HERE for tickets.

1. New Edition Reunion
Ralph and Johnny trademarked the name New Edition, which is why the remaining members are currently going by RBRM.

2. High School Dropouts
Mike admits that the group went to school for “the first seven of, uh, I think ’84. Then we walked out.” Though none of them have diplomas, Mike got his honorary high school diploma recently.

3. King of R&B
Bobby Brown doesn’t consider himself the King of R&B. He does say he’s the king of stage, “You put me on stage with anybody and I’ll whup that @ss.”

4. Bobby & Janet Jackson
Bobby says he still hasn’t seen the full cut of his upcoming biopic but fans wonder if it’ll have the scene where he allegedly kicked a naked Janet Jackson out of his hotel room.

5. That Video
That famous video where Bobby was dancing on stage and apparently dropped cocaine out of his pocket, he says it was actually his watch. “Why would I walk on stage with coke in my pocket? It might melt.”

6. Drug Use
The group they mostly smoked weed and drank liquor in their heyday and Ricky developed a coke problem due to anxiety.

7. Daytona Album Cover
Bobby Brown says he hasn’t seen Pusha T’s album cover for Daytona because “I really don’t care to see anything like that. It’s disgusting that they don’t have enough sense and enough respect for people that they do sh*t like that. Kanye know – no, wait, wait, Kanye don’t know no better.”

8. Mike Tyson
Bobby on the time he and Mike Tyson were partying hard in Japan the night before the Tyson Douglas fight: “I kept telling him to go to sleep. I kept telling him to go to bed but he didn’t want to go to bed.” Bobby admits that he “cried a lot” after Tyson lost and they didn’t talk for a while afterwards.

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