Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ice Cube Straight Up Pissed over Wilder/Fury Split Decision (WATCH)

*OK, here it is straight, no chaser. Because of the way it ended, Ice Cube is not a happy man today. We’re talking about the way the Deontay Wilder/Tyson Fury boxing match concluded Saturday night in Los Angeles at Staples Center.

The heavyweight championship fight ended in a split decision draw which is why Cube is straight up pissed.

A TMZ video guy caught up to the rapper/actor/businessman leaving L.A.’s Staples Center moments after the boxers fought to a 12 round tie, and he called the outcome “bulls**t” because he thinks Wilder was robbed. True enough, Wilder did knock down Fury twice — including in the 12th — but he got up both times.

As you can imagine, opinions are split. For instance, boxer Andre Berto who was at the fight, said he thought the result was fair, and he’s looking forward to a rematch.

Actor and provocateur, Michael Rappaport, on the other hand, said he expected more from Deontay.

Meanwhile, both Wilder and Fury are down for a rematch, however, it’s unclear where Anthony Joshua fits in all this.

That’s because a lot of folks thought that the story after Saturday’s bout between Wilder and Fury would be a unification bout with Anthony Joshua, but instead all the talk is about a rematch because Saturday night’s match ended in a split draw.

One judge had it 115-111 Wilder, which is an obscene card given that, if anything, Fury definitely won the most rounds. Wilder, though, put together a pair of knockdowns, including a huge one in the final round, and may have closed the gap enough by the end of it to make a draw or even a close Wilder win seem reasonable.

But the 114-110 Fury card and the 113-113 card that wound up being a draw were both much more in line with what actually happened in the ring on Saturday. Either way, it was still a great bout. Both fighters were asked about a rematch after the fact and both were open to it.

“I don’t know if it’ll be my next fight,” Wilder said, “I’d love for it, let’s get back into it. I think it was a great fight and we gotta do it again.”




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