Sunday, September 19, 2021

Maxine Waters Slams ‘Lying Con’ Donald Trump for Trying to ‘Frighten Whites’

*Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is not going to let Donald Trump’s insults and claims that she has a “low I.Q.” impeded her passion to pursue his impeachment.

“I’m not going to be diverted in what I’m doing to bring attention to this lying con man,” Waters to MSNBC guest host Jonathan Capehart. “I will continue to resist him. I will fight and tell the truth about him. I’m not going to allow him to somehow intimidate me. I don’t care what he says about me. I know who I am. I know what I do. I am the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee of the United States House of Representatives”

She continued: “I have been after him from the minute he revealed himself and defined himself when he was running for office, when he disrespected women and talked about grabbing women by their private parts. This is a lying, deplorable, divisive, dangerous man who does not deserve to be the president of the United States. He can say anything he wants to say about me, my friends and others like LeBron James or [CNN host Don Lemon], any of these people. I know that he is trying to get us away from pointing out who he really is and defining him for what he is. I’m not going to stop. I’m in this fight.”

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Waters believes Trump is trying to “frighten whites” by bringing up her name to push his divisive agenda.

“Here is this black woman and she is controversial and she said things about me,” Water explained. “She does not move away from her position on impeachment. He is trying to frighten them.”

She added: “So let him continue to try and frighten people, to scare people, to call folks names. We are going to stay on the issues and talk about health care,” Waters declared. “We are not going to stop. [He can] call me whatever he wants to, it is not going to intimidate me.”

As reported by Raw Story, when Capehart noted that Waters had an upcoming birthday, she said: “I guess now my biggest birthday wish would be that we are able to get a leader of this country who represents us, who has the respect of all of our allies all over the world, someone who has an appreciation for the Constitution, someone that does not lie every morning when they get up with these tweets, someone who not only respects women, but all of the people. And instead of dividing us would take leadership to bring us all together.”

She concluded with another shot at Trump.

“He is not truthful. He is a hypocrite,” she opined. “I would wish that we could remove him from office and go about getting the kind of president that we can all be proud of. And if he is not impeached, if he cannot be impeached, 2020 is coming up. I believe that American people are going to do the right thing for our country, stand up for what is right and get rid of this man who is embarrassing us all.”

Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is a screenwriter and freelance reporter from Chicago -- currently living in Los Angeles and covering A-list entertainment for various outlets, including She has worked for: Miramax, MTV & VH1, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Pictures, and for iconic indie film producer Roger Corman.



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