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Pepa Regrets Turning Down Will Smith: ‘I Thought Will Was Really Cute’

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*Before Will Smith met Jada Pinkett-Smith and even before he married Sheree Smith (Will’s first wife), he tried to make Pepa of Salt n Pepa fame the special lady in his life.

As noted by ILOSM, a few years ago, Pepa did an interview with Global Grind, where she talked about Will and the time they used to spend together in the late 1980’s, during the height of Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’ rap success. But when he tried to take a shot at the rap star, she turned him down.

Pepa: “I thought Will was really cute and we would hang out a lot on the road. He liked to take care of me and never let me spend a dime. He was that kind of guy, real generous. I remember when they won their first award, he asked me to go out with him afterward. He was so excited. We were walking along the street getting ready to grab something to eat, and he just gave this homeless guy $100 dollars…I sometimes kick myself when I think about what could have been. He was so nice to me, but I really wasn’t feeling him. I guess I couldn’t appreciate a nice guy like Will Smith. He wasn’t thug enough. I was attracted to thugs and hoodlums. Will was too nice to me.”

Looking good, feeling good! Cash on delivery please..

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In her interview, Pepa expressed regret for turning Will down because she later realized the type of guys she was attracted to at that time were not exactly winners.

“I liked people like Louis Burrell (MC Hammer’s brother). He was rough, he was street and he didn’t pull any punches. He would walk around with a cane and pimp hat. He always referred to women as b**ches.” Even with all that, I liked him.”

As you know, Smith would go on to find marital bliss with Jada – they celebrated their 20 year anniversary in December 2017. Meanwhile, Pepa is reportedly dating a much younger male who allegedly left this pregnant wife for her.

Last month she took to Instagram to introduce fans to her new man, Aundre Dean, and there is a twenty-three year age gap between them. Check out the lovebirds below:

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