Friday, May 24, 2024

Woman in Kevin Hart’s Sex Video Reportedly a Stripper from Long Beach


*TMZ has apparently unmasked the identity of Kevin Hart’s alleged sidepiece.

Last month, the actor reportedly spent an entire weekend with the woman from his leaked sex video, and TMZ described her as “a stripper who hits up whatever clubs she can book.”

“Her name is Montia Sabbag, although she sometimes spells it Montiah Sabagg. She’s 27, lives in Long Beach, CA and met Kevin during a pretty wild weekend in Vegas back in August. …Sources say Kevin had never met her before and has not had any encounters with her since.”

Montia has denied having any involvement with recording the sex tape, but TMZ says authorities are not so sure.

“We’re told there were other people present during the weekend and investigators are tracking them all down, with the intent of serving search warrants as quickly as possible. The brass ring for law enforcement is decoding the encrypted emails the extortionist sent to Kevin’s people and figuring out the sender’s identity.”


According to the gossip site, Montia hired a lawyer shortly after being contacted by Kevin’s legal team, and her lawyer said she would take a lie detector test if Kevin paid her $420,000.

TMZ sources also say that in addition to demanding a multi-million dollar fee from Kevin for keeping the video under wraps, the extortionist tried to get at least one media outlet to pay $15 million for the footage.

Our sources say Kevin had a meeting by telephone Monday afternoon with 2 investigators on the case and it lasted an hour and a half. He aggressively wants to help law enforcement identify and catch the extortionist(s). This was his second meeting with investigators.

In related news, the woman photographed with Kevin in a car earlier this summer has come forward to say she is not the same woman from the sex tape.

According to TMZ, the woman in the car is Miami based singer Monique “Momo” Gonzalez, and sources say their interaction in the car, following a Miami Beach nightclub appearance was nothing more than a “friendly conversation.”


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