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What’s Cookin’ with Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian? All the Latest Updates

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The messy situation between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian has been a talking point for fans all over the world for the last couple of month. And why wouldn’t it be? We have the heir of the Kardashian throne fighting it out with the one and only Blac Chyna.

The latest updates coming out of the Kardashian clan claim that, despite being involved in a dispute for custody over his daughter Dream, Rob Kardashian is still looking out for more kids. According to sources within the clan, the latest dispute with Blac Chyna has left Rob Kardashian looking for love more than ever before.

While we were all baffled with what exactly Rob Kardashian is looking for when he speaks of love, sources went on to state that Rob’s definition of love includes having another child.

Rob finds fatherhood to be the best thing of all time, even with all the drama Blac’s added to the situation,” a source explained. “It hasn’t deterred him from trying to find love again, and he really would like to find someone to have a little brother or sister with for Dream, but obviously not with Chyna.”



If this wasn’t controversial enough, the source went on to state that the relationship with Chyna was a learning curve for the big guy and he wants to implement what he has learned into his future relationships.

“[Rob] has learned a lot from what he has gone though with Blac, and he hopes he can use it to his advantage for his next chance in love,” added the source.

On the other side of the picture, Lisa Bloom, attorney for Blac, reassured the curious paparazzi that both Rob and Blac are not willing to go to court over the custody of their daughter Dream. The attorney also stated that the estranged couple is peacefully co-parenting their daughter Dream.

However, this was not all as the attorney suddenly took a violent turn when asked about Blac’s stance on the recent social media rant from Rob Kardashian. “We intend to aggressively defend Chyna’s rights at that hearing because Rob’s vicious social media attacks on Chyna are a form of domestic abuse, as the judge has already ruled in our temporary restraining order hearing,” added Bloom.

Chyna has also spoken of her disapproval on how Rob took to social media with intimate pictures of her. She voiced her discontent recently and said that she is not going to sit at home over someone else being insecure.


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