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Vincent Herbert Sets Record Straight on Tamar Braxton Marriage Rumors Following Car Accident

*Vincent Herbert is fed up with reports that his wife, Tamar Braxton, continued to party in Atlanta without a care in the world after hearing that he got into a horrible car accident back home in Los Angeles.

Herbert spoke to HipHollywood about what really went down after he lost control of his pickup truck while driving in Calabasas.

According to the music producer, he and Tamar were in Atlanta together, but he left one day early to return to work. Tamar stayed in the ATL because she had an appearance scheduled. Vince said his wife was still at the appearance when his accident happened, but flew back to Los Angeles once she found out about the crash. He told HipHollywood that Tamar was back in LA before he was even released from the hospital.

Vince says he is incredibly “upset about the lies claiming she doesn’t care about me. That’s my wife.” He added, “I’m really sick of the lies. Sick of all the blogs.”

As for how the 44-year-old is feeing, he says he’s “in a lot of pain” but “doing well.”

Tamar Braxton live stream
Tamar Braxton live stream

Adding fuel to the divorce rumors was Tamar’s tearful live stream session on Friday night, telling viewers she refuses to be with someone who treats her like she’d be nothing without them.

Although she never said her husband’s name, social media assumed that Vince must be the target of her distress.

She also took to Instagram with the message: “I am slowly learning that some people are not good for me, no matter how much I love them.”


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