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Tiger Woods Agrees to Yearlong Diversion Program in DUI Plea Deal

Tiger Woods (Twitter)
Tiger Woods (Twitter)

*In court Wednesday for his DUI arrest, Tiger Woods agreed to plead not guilty and said he would enter a one-year, first-time offender program. Upon successful completion, his criminal record will be expunged, said State Attorney Pamela Ford.

Under the DUI program, Woods must attend a DUI school, perform community service, undergo random drug testing and agree to have an interlock device installed on his cars.

The golf star did not attend Wednesday’s arraignment at the Palm Beach County Courthouse, because his presence was not mandatory.

During the wee hours of Memorial Day, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies pulled up on Woods’ parked car, which was on the side of the road with the golfer inside sleeping.

When cops gave him a roadside test, Woods was clearly off-balance, speaking slowly and slurring his words.

Woods told the arresting deputies he had taken Vicodin and Xanax, explaining it was for his back pain, due to a back surgery earlier this year, as well as his insomnia. He said he had not been drinking.

At the jail, Woods twice took a breathalyzer test, which the deputy had a very hard time administering because Woods was so out of it and practically falling asleep. Both times, the breathalyzer registered 0.0 for alcohol.

On July 3, Woods tweeted that he had completed an out-of-state private intensive program and was getting professional help to manage his medications.

Meanwhile, Woods has been busy in the Bahamas free-diving for lobster and hanging out with soccer superstar Lionel Messi at Hard Rock Stadium, where the El Classico soccer match was played. In the photo below are Woods, his children, their friends and Messi.

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