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Tami Roman’s Reaction to Usher’s Accuser NOT Having Herpes is All Of Us (Watch)

Tami Roman and Quantisia Sharpton
Tami Roman and Quantasia Sharpton

*The Internet gave a collective side-eye to the young lady who appeared at a press conference in NYC this morning (Aug. 7) to explain why she’s suing Usher for failing to disclose that he allegedly has herpes, even though she tested negative for the disease.

As previously reported, Quantasia Sharpton said she was celebrating her 19th birthday at an Usher concert when the singer’s security picked her out of the crowd and got her number. She said Ursh showed up later at her hotel and had sex with her without disclosing he allegedly had genital herpes.

Lisa Bloom with client Quantisia Sharpton
Lisa Bloom with client Quantisia Sharpton in New York (Aug 7, 2017)

With her attorney Lisa Bloom by her side, Sharpton told reporters this morning that she tested negative, but is still suing for failing to tell her that he allegedly had the STD.

The Internet was quick to question Sharpton’s motives in suing Usher:

And “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman took to her Bonnet Chronicles today to say she can not with Quantasia (which Tami hilariously pronounces “quanta-SEE-uh” instead of “quan-TAY-zha” ) and questioned her decision not to use a condom, among a myriad of other things.

Watch below:

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