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Rihanna Has Hurricane Irma on Her Mind: ‘It Breaks My Heat’ (WATCH)

*At her Fenty Beauty Line in NYC on Thursday, the beautiful Rihanna was decked out in a dazzling yellow outfit that your eyes couldn’t miss … even if they were closed!

In any event, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with the Grammy winner from Barbados on the red carpet. While she was happy to be celebrating her line, she admitted her thoughts were on Hurricane Irma and the Caribbean.

She said her home country and family are luckily okay …

“My family is safe, Barbados is very safe right now. It breaks my heart to see what is happening in the rest of the Caribbean, my neighboring islands, you feel helpless when it’s a natural disaster you have no control and these are islands that I have been to and love… It’s so sad.”

RiRi recently graced not one, but three, Elle magazine covers to celebrate her makeup launch. Looking flawless on one cover with a giant heart on her face. Rihanna said, “That was fun. A nice big lavender heart on my face… I’m so OCD, I wanted the edges to be so super sharp and clean, it had to be the perfect heart, I love it.” She said they actually used her makeup for the look.


Fenty By Rihanna Launch

Going way back with AJ and having a little fun with him for interviewing her about makeup, she said:

“They’re going to let you talk to me about make up… Let’s do it, I want to see what you got.” AJ replied, “You want to talk about the contour, the colors, what brushes you use.” Rihanna laughed, saying, “Contour, that’s a big word.”

The 29-year-old told AJ she was very hands on with the line, “You know me, I’m a control freak, especially anything with my name on it, my face on it, this was creating from scratch, from product to packaging to the boxes, to the shade names, every aspect, I enjoyed it because I had complete control.”

She added, “This was the funnest aspect of my career.” Making diversity a priority, she said, “I wanted all girls to feel included… Everybody has their shade someone just has to make it, we started at 40 shades and we will continue to expand that.”

Promising she will bring her make up to the Caribbean, she promised:

“The Caribbean cannot be excluded we will make sure that that happens right now whatever you can find a Sephora store or a Harvey Nicholas it is in there.”

And after having one of the hottest songs of the summer making another promise for her fans, “There’s always more music on the way, it’s just when.”


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