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Political Spotlight/ With Alt-Right Candidate Omar Navarro as Challenger Should Maxine Waters be Concerned?

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*With all the turmoil that’s been rapidly developing around this country in big cities and small towns, this writer thinks that it’s all too important to shed light and expose those individuals that are associated with the new “alt right” movement.

One of them is Omar Navarro, who is trying to unseat the venerable Maxine Waters. More on that shortly.

This “movement” is a coalition of right wingers, and racists that believe that white people should always be in full and complete control of everything in this country. They are the ones that marched into Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend and caused so much havoc, and terror, that led to the murder of Heather Heyer who’s funeral was held recently with thousands in attendance and millions around the world watching on live television.

President Donald Trump’s response was all too sickening, as he put the blame on both sides of the conflict in Virginia when in fact, it was the coalition of Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, and right wingers that were really the ones that came blustering into the town armed with baseball bats, guns, and long rifles terrorizing the people with their hateful acts.


maxine waters - omar navarro

Navarro, 28, is a Latino right wing conservative associated with these same people who came to Charlottesville and who is in a relentless fight to unseat veteran Congresswoman Maxine Waters, 79, from the 43rd congressional district that is composed of the South Bay, Inglewood, Hawthorne and South Los Angeles. And he has the full support of the “alt right” movement and President Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s pal, Roger Stone happens to be Navarro’s campaign manager who, by the way, is currently being investigated by former FBI director Robert Mueller looking into the role that he played in the Russian collusion of our 2016 elections.

The “alt right” movement is looking to have Maxine Waters replaced by Omar Navarro in the next election (2018) for the 43rd district as they believe it will solidify their position in Washington. The main reason that they want Mrs. Waters out is because she is one of the loudest voices championing the cause to have Trump impeached.

In her district, Waters has done a tremendous job in improving the the quality of life for the constituents of the community she’s served for decades, and has represented them extremely well in Washington, D.C. She deserves to stay in that position.

Mohammed Mubarak
Mohammed Mubarak

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