Saturday, May 18, 2024

NFL Releases ‘Inside These Lines’ Super Bowl Ad Early in Response to Trump (Watch)

*The NFL had a unity-themed ad prepared to air during the upcoming Super Bowl, but when Donald Trump attacked NFL players over the weekend, calling those who protest the national anthem by kneeling or sitting “sons of bitches,” the decided to tweet out its ad early.

“We think this is the single-best response to demonstrate what we are about,” a league spokesman told CNN, after it released the ad, titled “Inside These Lines.”

Narrated by Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker, the spot also aired during NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast.

Whitaker says in the ad: “Inside these lines, we don’t have to come from the same place to help each other reach the same destination. Inside these lines, we may have our differences, but recognize there’s more that unites us.”

Watch below:

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