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Movie Biz in Gozo? Oscar Generale Hopes for a US-Malta Connection

Oscar Generale and Gozo Prime Minister Justyne Caruana Oct. 2017

*The island of Gozo is where Hollywood Producer Oscar Generale recently landed to take a break from work, enjoy his adoring family and spend the holidays.

Gozo is a magical and beautiful island, a place where Generale can contemplate the forthcoming movies “Cigarette” starring John Travolta, and “Ana” starring Andy Gargia & Dafne Keene.  Generale served as producer of both films this summer, before hopping to Malta, another island paradise.

A confident Oscar states: “Gozo is the perfect place for relaxing.  Its people are extremely enthusiastic and very welcoming. This is a virgin paradise, the right place for finding peace and quiet.”

While in Gozo, Oscar was given a welcome acknowledgment by the Prime Minister Justyne Caruana.  Oscar Generale is entranced by Gozo’s beautiful surroundings and has also expressed the will to consider Gozo for shooting International movies with American actors.

Stars from the U. S. frequently covet places like these to spend their holidays also.  This would be a great promotion of Malta Island, which has already found great popularity with the movie “By The Sea,” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Also while in Gozo, Oscar is spending time with his dear friend Amabile Zammit. He expects to build friendly and deep business relationships in order to increase business and relationships between Malta and the United States.


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