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Master P. Clarifies Kevin Hart Criticism: ‘I Don’t Need No Celebrity to Tell Me What I Need to Do’

Master P (Instagram)
Master P (Instagram)

*Master P. made news on Wednesday with his criticism of Kevin Hart’s Hurricane Harvey challenge, which had the comic calling out celebrity friends by name and asking that they at least match his $25,000 donation toward the cause.

In a video for TMZ, P praised Hart’s donation, but said challenging other celebs to do so “is not necessary,” and to “let them give from their heart.”

Watch below:

Well last night, Percy filmed another video selfie – this time for Instagram – to clarify his original criticism.

“I have nothing against Kevin Hart,” he said. “Whatever y’all see on the sound byte from TMZ, don’t get it twisted. Houston is my second home. I was probably one of the first to give. And I gave a lot of money, but I don’t have to sit around and talk about it, and I don’t need no celebrity to tell me what I need to do.”

Watch P’s entire IG post below:

We love Houston! Houston helped my people during hurricane Katrina. They opened their arms to families from New Orleans. I probably was the first to donate. I gave a lot but it’s no need to talk about it. Giving is a blessing, if you can give then give! Your blessing will come back from God. I have nothing against Kevin Hart. Don’t get it twisted with a TMZ sound bite. Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston and the surrounding areas. Families need food water clothing shelter and it might take at least 10 years to rebuild. Please Go & Volunteer now in Houston, it could be monetary or it could be your time. You can make a difference whether it’s big or small. It’s not a race it’s a marathon we’re going to need your help more than once. There’s gonna be water damage, mold & mildew and health care problems once family’s get back into their homes. 85% of Houston doesn’t have flood insurance So thats another Battle! The kids are going to need to get back in school. Most of the elderly have lost everything. We need people to be there When The Cameras LEAVE. We love Houston! We don’t need problems or negativity right now! We need prayers and solutions. #HelpHouston

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