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Man Who Filmed Maia Campbell’s Latest Relapse Not Sorry; LL Cool J Seeks Help for Co-Star (VIDEO

Cast of NBC's "In The House" in 1995: (L-R) LL Cool J, Kim Wayans, Alfonso Ribeiro and Maia Campbell
Cast of NBC’s “In The House” in 1995: (L-R) LL Cool J, Kim Wayans, Alfonso Ribeiro and Maia Campbell

*LL Cool J sent out a desperate plea on Sunday in support of his former co-star Maia Campbell.

After heartbreaking video of the former actress high on drugs in Stone Mountain, GA surfaced on Saturday (July 8), her “In the House” co-star took to Twitter the following night asking anyone who may have a connection to Campbell for help, and calling out the person who filmed her in such a fragile state.

“Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who’s obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word? @MaiaCampbell.” LL tweeted.

After a video of #maiacampbell surfaced last week, #llcoolj wants to help. #blesshim

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Campbell, who has been battling bipolar disorder and drug addition for years, was shown in the video with a missing a tooth while pumping gas and asking for crack. She also alleged to have been raped by a man she says thought he was Bill Cosby.

After the video went viral, along with criticism against the man who filmed and posted video, the videographer – a rapper calling himself T-Hood – responded with a video of his own saying he is not sorry for his actions and dismissing bipolar disorder as the cause of Campbell’s behavior.

“Y’all n****s would not be mad if I posted a white girl,” he said in an Instagram video by way of Straight From The A. “If I would have ran into muthaf***king Hillary Duff/ Lizzy McGuire and she was asking for crack and [was] sucking d**k at the gas station for money for crack, I would have posted her too.”

“Just because she was a black actress from back in the day, who we already all know from Redan. She been on the block for years. We been knew this b***h. She been doing dumb sh*t. Went in the industry got geek up f**ked all in the streets, n***as sent her back to Atlanta and she got geeked up some more.This ain’t no mental disorder this b***h is just high as f**k.

Watch below:


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