Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Man Defends Confederate Flags from Allegations of Racism. Then Says Something Racist.

*According to North Carolina resident Russell Walker, the Confederate flag represents, “heritage not hate”, or at least that was the basis of the lawsuit he’d filed against a South Carolina courthouse for their removal of Confederate symbols from the building.

Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse yesterday, Mr. Walker demanded that the flags be returned to their original position.

 “I don’t believe [the confederate flag] is a symbol of racism. I don’t believe it’s a symbol of slavery.”

Obviously the words of a man committed to preserving proud Southern traditions, nevermind the fact that the “southern cross” has long been associated with the KKK and other far-right hate groups. Of course displaying such a divisive image all over a neutral government establishment has no potential for causing controversy.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait much longer for Mr. Walker to show his true colors. As he continued to speak out about why the flags deserved to be reinstated, Walker tried to make a clumsy analogy between Confederate symbols and monuments to prominent black figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Hey, I go down the street, I see Martin Luther Coon… uh, I shouldn’t have said that… Martin Luther King. I mean…. I mean, should I rip the signs down?”

That’s right he just called one of the most universally revered figures of the civil rights movement a coon. It seems like it’s just impossible for these defenders of “heritage” and “history” not to be racist, even when they’re trying to argue that they’re not.

This isn’t even the first time Walker has been caught on tape espousing blatantly bigoted views. Back in November 2016, the 73-year-old appeared in a YouTube interview (below) where, amongst other claims, he made such statements as, “Jews rule the world” and “you have to have separation of the races.”

Even if Confederate statues and flags aren’t symbols of racism and oppression, why is everyone who supports keeping them up, all about continuing the legacy of those things?

As far as Russell Walker goes, his case was pretty quickly thrown out of court what with Walker being unable to prove any personal harm caused by the removal of the flags, as well as the fact that he resides in a different state from the courthouse altogether. In summary justice at least partially, served.


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