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Keyshia Cole Finally Files for Divorce from Ex-NBAer Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson


*Dang, they have been estranged as husband and wife for so long, we completely forgot they were still legally married. In fact the last we heard, they were even living together.

OK, we’re talking about singer and “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Keyshia Cole who is formally ending her marriage to former NBAer Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

According to divorce documents, Cole and Gibson, who is also featured on “L&HHH,” filed for divorce on September 12, 2017. They were married in 2011.

Keyshia Cole is citing irreconcilable differences as her reason for filing and lists the date of separation as October 31, 2014, reports TheBlast. Cole is requesting joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s 7-year-old son, Daniel Gibson Jr.

She is requesting that neither side to receive spousal support.

Just so you know. The couple’s split first surfaced in 2014, but neither Cole, 35, nor Gibson, 31, ever actually filed divorce documents … until now.


In other marriage gone bad news, A 22-year-old college student is claiming Mel B pressured her to say Mel’s ex Stephen Belafonte sexually assaulted the woman.

The unnamed woman, who participated in a threesome with Mel and Belafonte, claimed she spoke to the singer.

“Mel was saying, ‘I know about the [sex] tape and I know about the sex act and that you were crying and saying no and I want you to be in court for that.’ She never actually said the words, but she was inferring that Stephen had raped me,” she told The Daily Mail.

The woman in question denied that she didn’t consent to sex with Belafonte.

“[I told her], ‘No that never happened, Stephen has only ever been respectful,’” she said. “I told Mel no, but she kept saying, ‘No, you have to, I will pay for the trip, you have to go in two or three weeks because of the tape, your name is already out, the tape is already out and you can talk to my lawyer.’ And I said yes [because] I didn’t know what else to say.’”

The woman added that Mel also told her:

“‘You can do whatever you want but I’m just caring about you and my lawyer will contact you tomorrow.’”

Lord have mercy. The Mel B/Stephen Belafonte divorce saga is about as messy and salacious as it gets. However, if messy and salaciousness what you like, you can get MORE of this story at Page Six.


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