Monday, May 20, 2024

Kaepernick Hater Jason Whitlock Calls NFL Protest the ‘Tawana Brawley of Football!’ (WATCH)

*As we reported earlier, a rally/protest against the NFL over the treatment of Colin Kaepernick, is scheduled for August 23 outside the league headquarters in Manhattan.

Not surprisingly, to Fox Sports 1 host Jason Whitlock, the scheduled action appears to him to be a “shakedown” of NFL owners. The sports writer/pundit says progressive ideology is now creeping into the NFL and professional sports on an unprecedented level.

“This, to me, is starting to smell like a shakedown of the NFL owners,” said Whitlock, adding that owners are being accused of being racist for not signing Kaepernick.

He said Kaepernick, a QB who led San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012, is simply not good enough. Whitlock and other haters are comparing him to NFL washout Tim Tebow. He says that’s the real reason why no NFL team wants him on their roster.

“This is the Tawana Brawley of football. This false narrative of the racist NFL owners keeping [Kaepernick] out,” Whitlock claims. Brawley of course gained fame in 1987 when, at age 15, she falsely accused a group of white men of raping her and leaving her in trash bag in New York.

It’s also worth noting that in an interview Tuesday, NY Giants owner John Mara denied there was any organized effort to “blackball” Kaepernick, calling the claims “crazy.”

Mara also pointed out the deluge of messages from fans who were deeply offended by Kaepernick’s lack of patriotism and threatened to boycott if he was on the team.

Whitlock said the former 49er is not good enough to justify the “controversy” that a team will face for having him on the team.

If you haven’t already, watch Whitlock above.


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