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Jessica Childress … ‘Tiny, but Mighty’: A Review by Marilyn Smith

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*Picture I’m standing in line outside the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood a little after 9:00 pm on Wednesday, October 4th, waiting to see a performance by Jessica Childress, a Season Four contestant on the TV show, “The Voice” and a woman with big hair opens a door, looks out and says, “Oh, people are out there.”

The club was supposed to open at 9:00 pm and by all accounts the music should have started playing at 9:00 pm.  Running a tad late, no problem.  The doors finally open and I go inside.

Remember the woman with the big hair who peeped out the door?  That was down to earth, fun, unassuming, unpretentious and infectious Jessica Childress and she was ready to get the party started.

She hit the ground running.  Jessica had the crowd swaying and moving right along with her throughout her set; especially when she performed, “Slow Down.”

Her set was high energy and reminiscent of the famous female lounge singers of the past.  Although I wouldn’t say she belted out songs, I’m thinking the pint-sized self-described, “tiny but mighty” singer may have a real set of chops on her.

She can definitely put singer/songwriter on her resume and I’m hoping the CD she recently completed will showcase a powerful voice.

Just when that CD will be released is a mystery.  Jessica said someday real soon she will announce a release date and admitted she is dragging her heels about the date.  A word to Jessica…strike while the iron is hot.

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Jessica ended her set with a song called, “Never Gonna be the Same.”  Well, she thought she was finished.  The band had started packing up, but the crowd wanted more, so Jessica and her entourage regrouped and did one more song, Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack.”  What a treat!  At the end of the show, Jessica carried off her keyboard.  Did I mention she was down to earth?

Towards the end of Jessica’s set, I overheard an official looking man behind me saying he was surprised and impressed with her performance.  Since I had never seen her before and therefore had nothing to compare it to, I can’t say I was surprised; however, I can definitely say I was impressed.  I’m looking forward to hearing her CD and seeing her growth.

marilyn smith
Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith is a Los Angeles based writer/reviewer. Contact her via [email protected].


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