Friday, May 24, 2024

Jesse Williams’ GF Minka Kelly Curses Out Fan Who Asked If She Was a Homewrecker

*Minka Kelly insists she had zero to do with the divorce of her boyfriend Jesse Williams from his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, and anyone who thinks otherwise can “f*** off.”

The 37-year-old actress addressed her relationship with the “Grey’s Anatomy” star in the comment section of her Instagram account, when someone brought up the rumor that Kelly had been the other woman that spurred the breakup of Williams’ 5-year marriage to Drake-Lee, with whom he shares two children.

She and Williams had begun dating in July, just three months after Williams and Drake-Lee split. But according to Kelly, she had nothing to do with their breakup.

“I hope the cheating rumors aren’t true. It would be disappointing,” the user wrote, according to E! News, in a now-deleted comment on Kelly’s selfie with hairstylist Mark Townsend.

“They’re not,” Kelly shot back. “Hate for you to be disappointed. Glad I could clear that up for you. Now f— off.”

Source: Minka Kelly Instagram
Source: Minka Kelly Instagram

Later, Kelly told another user that she stands by her words. “Anyone and their assumptions about my personal life can do the same,” she said.

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