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Ignorant Trump Supporters Slam Obama for not Appearing at Hurricane Katrina

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures during a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on August 22, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.
U.S. President Donald Trump gestures during a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on August 22, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

*Donald Trump’s base continue to prove that they’re the most ignorant and racist pocket of people in the country.

The fact that many are now blasting Barack Obama for not making an appearance during Hurricane Katrina supports the indisputable fact that they are incapable of processing facts and digesting the truth.

They do not live in reality, and Trump knows this, which is why he said he can grab all the pu$$ies he wants and stand on any corner in New York and shoot people and his base would still worship him.

Trump’s supporters are taking to social media to praise their Führer for showing up at Hurricane Harvey, while simultaneously coming for former President Obama for not appearing during Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago.

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There’s just one problem with their delusions, Obama wasn’t the president during Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and southern Mississippi in 2005. Obama did not get elected until November 2008 and did not become president until January 2009.

But according to many Trump supporters, this little fact is actually FAKE NEWS made up by the “libtard” media.

It really all comes down to the fact that Trump’s racist base remains pressed because a black man ruled America for 8 years. So they will continue to blame him for things like Hurricane Katrina and the Civil War.

Meanwhile, one user on Facebook noted:

“I live in New Orleans. I was in hurricane Katrina (working at a hospital. Never evacuated.) and I can tell you even people here think Obama dropped the ball for Katrina. It defies logic. I will never forget huddling over a transistor radio with a bunch of other nurses listening to BUSH thank the good people of Katy, Texas before even acknowledging New Orleans. I will never forget being completely neglected by my government while most of our national guard were deployed in Iraq. I will never forget getting fed 1 meal a day while our first responders went out every day in sweltering heat to rescue people off of rooftops and pulling dead bodies out of the lake that was once a great city. I will never forget who dropped that ball.”

Guess what Trump trolls? It’s wasn’t Barack Obama who dropped that ball.

This is not debatable.





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