Saturday, May 18, 2024

Heartbreaking New Ad Captures ‘The Talk’ Black Parents Have With Their Kids (Watch)

Proctor & Gamble ad "The Talk"
Proctor & Gamble ad “The Talk”

*Proctor & Gamble has created a stirring new ad that shows the painful-yet-necessary conversation that often takes place between parents and children in African American households.

Commonly known as “The Talk,” this cross-generational discussion involves black mothers and fathers preparing their children for the cruel unfairness of racism in its various forms.

In the ad, which spans several decades, parents tell their children how to deal with being called the N-word and the need to be twice as good as their white counterparts to succeed. One mother asks her son if he has his ID before leaving the house, “in case they stop you.”

Another mother says to her little girl, “You are not pretty for a black girl. You are beautiful, period. Don’t ever forget that.”

The spot is part of Proctor & Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign and hails from the creative firm BBDO in partnership with the minority-certified consulting firm Egami Consulting Group.

Said Proctor & Gamble’s director of global company communications Damon Jones in a statement, “These real-life conversations about conscious and unconscious bias are too common in homes across the country and weigh heavily on parents and children of many different backgrounds. We take seriously the opportunity to spark dialogue on what we all can do to put an end to the harmful effects of bias, and motivate true change.”

Watch Proctor & Gamble’s “The Talk” below:

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