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Greg Kaplan’s New CollegePath App Provides Expert College Admission Hacks

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*It’s not uncommon for one percenter parents to spend $2,000 – $5,000 per year with top college admissions advisors to prep their children for admission into top Universities. Middle and working-class families have traditionally been left out of this coveted inside track.

Meet Greg Kaplan (above), a Newport Beach, CA, College Admissions Advisor who’s been privately working with high income families for more than a decade.

Kaplan also notes that key benchmarks in earning admission to top choice schools have changed drastically since Gen Xers were applying for college. This may lead parents to unintentionally misguide their kids.

Kaplan Brings His Expertise Into the Mobile Space with the Launch of CollegePath:
The CollegePath mobile admissions advising tool is simple, convenient, and financially accessible to all. With only 40% of kids who attend public schools getting any college counseling (on average, only 38 minutes of advice throughout high school), here’s how CollegePath fills the void.

How It Works:
Students answer assessment questions on the CollegePathWeekly web portal and receive an introductory phone call from Greg Kaplan to go over personal and academic interests, and aspirations.

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Students/parents receive ongoing personalized, actionable advice via mobile alerts sent right to their phones (see example 1 right), based on their personalized plan.

The texted information is easily digestible, with a handful of manageable tasks to complete each week and each month.

Personalized text messages prep students/parents, getting and keeping them on track with their individualized college admissions plan.

CollegePath text alerts provide families with everything they need to know about the entire college admissions process.

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The guidance texted to your phone (see example 2, left) is not high-pressure, but low-impact, with just the few things you need to accomplish each week and each month – just ten minutes of great information each week will keep you on track towards reaching your college admission goals.

Two of Greg ‘s Quick Tips:
“If your goal is Wharton Business School or NYU Stern, you may want to swap volunteering at your local food bank to instead lend your time to a business skills-related non-profit for an underserved population.”

“We recommend as early as 7th grade to get started with CollegePath. The process is easier, and you will have the most success if you start with us in middle school. It’s a harder process if you cram this into 11th and 12th grade. Early is ideal.”


CollegePath Mobile Virtual Admissions Counseling By the $$:
The service is free for the first two weeks, and then rolls into a yearly subscription that breaks down to $6.00 per month ($72.00 per year), a far cry from Greg’s private clients who pay a minimum of $2,000.00 per year for essentially the same advice.

“When I was at University of Pennsylvania, I realized how these kids are getting into these top schools. They’re not necessarily smarter. They have more resources. If we are going to say ‘equal education opportunities for all’ then let’s actually mean it.” – Greg Kaplan, Founder of CollegePath.


About Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan has successfully advised hundreds of families on the college admissions process for more than a decade. He is the author of Earning Admission – Real Strategies for Getting Into Highly Selective Colleges, a regular blog contributor for HuffPost, and most recently, creator of CollegePath  – an affordable and accessible virtual college admissions advisor platform that anyone can use.






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