Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Four White Folks Who Didn’t Get Killed, Even Though They Pointed Guns at Police (Watch)

*But you’re not black. Remember? We only kill black people.”

You may recall these cringe-worthy words spoken by a veteran Georgia police officer at a traffic stop. A white woman that had been pulled over for a DUI had expressed fear towards the cop, who’d told her to “use your phone.”

She said she was afraid to put her hands down to do so because of all the cop shootings she’d seen. In  order to make her trust him or feel better he said the words that at first placed him on administrative leave; but later got him fired.

Of course, the only reason we know about the exchange to begin with is because the jackass said it on camera. His own dash cam caught it.

“Of all the videos you’ve seen, have you ever seen a white person get killed?” he asked.

Allow us to refresh your memory on the incident here.

We thought it might be interesting to explore the officers question to the woman, by sharing six incidents that had a white person pointing a gun at a cop, and managing to not get killed.

Wanna see? We’ll take that as a ‘Yes.’

1. Armed White Guy Has Standoff With Police, Then Gets His Gun Back

You know what to do. Head on over to EURThisNthat for the story.


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