Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Exclusively On the Mo’Kelly Show: Mike Dubke (Former W.H. Comm. Dir.) & Actor Vincent D’Onofrio

*This past weekend, The Mo’Kelly Show had not one, but TWO exclusives.

First, Mo’Kelly heard from Mike Dubke, former White House communications Director for the Trump administration. Dubke shared (as best he could) how the White House constructs its messages, the rise of incivility and even the president’s predilection for (troublesome) tweets.

Also, iconic actor Vincent D’Onofrio helped celebrate the 30th anniversary of the landmark Stanley Kubrick film, “Full Metal Jacket.”

morris mokelly o'kelly (on-cnn)Earlier, we posted about Mo’Kelly’s appearance on CNN to discuss the Mike Flynn intelligence issue …

“The Democrats, they don’t have any real leverage in Congress, so they will have to use whatever is available to them and this kinda fell into their lap.

“And for all the discussion about the level of involvement of Russia in our politics, now you have a physical embodiment of the bogeyman (if you will). We can point to him and say ‘there is some there, there’ with General Flynn.

“And so, where it might lead, no one knows, but we know Congressional hearings probably will follow, and there will be a lot questions now going forward with some actual weight behind them as far as Russia’s involvement in American politics.

“We had a senior cabinet official lie to a senior administration official, the Vice President about his communication with a foreign adversary. That can’t be overstated.”

WATCH the video HERE.

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