Tuesday, May 28, 2024

‘Ex-SWAT Deputy’ Hailed as ‘Hero’ for Threatening Would-be Looters on Camera [Watch]

*A man claiming to be an “ex-SWAT deputy” was filmed threatening would-be looters during Hurricane Harvey.

“I will cut your [expletive] in half,” he tells them while holding a shotgun.

The moment was captured as “a woman asks the unidentified man about the situation outside the Little York Food Mart located in the flood devastated area of Houston’s east side,” per Daily Mail.

“It’s a shame,” he responds. “We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live.”

He then notices someone off camera approaching the store apparently attempting to loot the store.

“Hey! Don’t go back in that store,” he yells at the suspected looters. “I’m telling you one time: I’m not scared to shoot you, I’m an ex-[expletive] SWAT deputy. I will cut your [expletive] in half.”

“Don’t go in that store no [expletive] more.”

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hurricane harvey
Photo Credit: Twitter.com

He turns to the woman recording, “I’m a former law enforcement officer. I still support law enforcement.”

The woman tells a passenger in her car, “Yeah, we got a real man with a shotgun in his hand.”

A girl in the car says, “911 ain’t gonna come mama. 911 is outta there. It’s either martial law or everybody else watches. … there is no law.”

The looters appear to heed the warning and flee the scene.

“Protecting the community is why I’m here,” the man tells another bystander. He said that as a former law enforcement officer, he understands what the law says and he has the right to defend a “third person’s property.”

“If you’re looting, you’re stealing,” he explained. “It’s a violation of Texas law and federal law in a time of a catastrophe. Do not enter people’s homes. The Constitution says you’ve got the right to protect yourself and bear arms.”

“That’s a [expletive] hero,” the other man responds to his cell phone while capturing the moment on video.



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