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EUR’s Robin Ayers Connects with Laila Ali and Other Celebs for Nov. 11 Event (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)

EURweb Logo*If you want to be in the same space with Laila Ali, Vanessa Simmons, and comedian Affion Crockett then you need to attend the Stay Winning Connection event in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 11, 2017. However, be warned that the 4-hour event is not just about entertainment. The event’s founder, Robin Ayers, recently told the EUR that those who come better be ready to work.

“I’m very excited about this,” said Ayers, also an EUR video host, entertainment journalist, author, and motivational speaker. “I just tried to figure out a way for everyone who attends this event to come away with some knowledge, tips, and tools that they can apply to their own lives to create a winning season for themselves. I call it, ”walking into your season of consecutive wins.” It’s more about a mindset, first and foremost, and then secondly there are some how-to’s – how do you do this and how did you do that to create that winning season for yourself.”

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Ayers created the Stay Winning Connection because many people who came to know what she brings to the table demanded it – but she had a caveat.

“When you live in Los Angeles there are a ton of conferences and workshops that are always happening and I didn’t want to throw something just to say I threw an event,” said Ayers. “I really wanted it to be meaningful and have purpose for people. I thought about what do I have and what do I put across? It feels like I’m always doing something. I’m always trying to strive for something bigger and trying to conquer fear. So, by having that mindset, it looks like I’m winning and I want people to feel that same way.”

Besides Laila Ali, Vanessa Simmons, and Affion Crockett, other panelists include Quincy Newell (VP & GM of Codeblack Films at Lionsgate), Dustin Felder (acting coach and businessperson), and Jennifer Freeman (actress and motivational speaker).

“All of the panelists were thoughtfully chosen for this event because they’ve done something in their lives that applies to what I’m trying to give to the attendees,” Ayers said.

In fact, Laila Ali was the first panelist signed up for the event not because she’s famous and has a famous dad but because of the hard lessons life has taught her.

“I reached out to her because I read her book (‘Reach! Finding Strength, Spirit and Personal Power’),” Ayers said. “I had no idea the things that she had to conquer in her life until I read that book.”

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Ayers continued, “I didn’t know she spent time in juvenile hall. She also dealt with growing up and going to school and so many things that I could personally relate to that I was like Laila has the perfect story of what I’m trying to get across to the masses. I want everyone to know that no matter what your life looks like or where you came from, if you put your mind to it, you can overcome any of those circumstances.”

The setup for Ali will be different from the other panel discussions. Instead, she will have a special fireside chat.

“It will be she and I just sitting there almost having an interview of her life with the mindset and things that helped her to become what she is now,” Ayers said. “So, if we can just sit there in that intimate setting and everyone can just listen to her it’s going to help them so much. They’re going to be surprised about some of the things she had to overcome.”

Born in Milwaukee and raised in Los Angeles, Ayers also knows about overcoming obstacles and becoming successful.

“In my book (‘Unspoken Languages: Making Your Beliefs Speak For You’), I talk about an experience I had at 4-years-old,“ said Ayers. “I had a really dark childhood. I came from an abusive home where there was a lot of yelling, physical, and mental abuse.”

She continued, “I remember looking out the window one day, I had never heard of God, but I heard the voice of God speak to me and He said, ‘It’s always not going to look like this, I’m going to use you and I’m going to use you to help them.’ I did not know what that meant at the time but as the years went on I was able to piece it all together – that no matter what my background was I knew that God was going to use me distinctly. I knew it was going to be different for me.”EURweb LogoRobin Ayers plans to bring her Stay Winning Connection conference to Chicago, Atlanta, South Africa, and other places in the near future.

To buy tickets to the November 11, 2017 event (at the Dream Magic Studios  8911 Independence Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91304), check out her Instagram, Facebook, or go directly here.


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