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Rena Scott’s Encore Performance with Michael Henderson set for the Catalina Bar & Grill Aug 9,10

*Dazzling song bird Rena Scott and singer/bass-guitarist/funkmeister Michael Henderson are on top of the world.

After a sold out one-night concert at the famous Hollywood jazz club Catalina Bar & Grill back in May, the duo, who garnered the 1978 R&B hit “Take Me I’m Yours,” is back for an encore just three months later.

Now get ready for a two-night performance on Wednesday, August 9 and Thursday, August 10, 2017.

“There will still be a nine piece band and probably three background singers this time (instead of two),” said Scott when EURweb’s Lee Bailey caught up with her recently. “We’re going to work it out.”

Scott, inducted into the R&B Hall of Fame last year, has been a force in R&B and jazz for over 40 years. The Detroit native started singing in the church and began recording songs as young as 15. She even opened for Motown acts like The Temptations and The Four Tops. At just 18, another act from Detroit, the one and only Aretha Franklin, was looking for a background singer and Scott earned the spot. Scott did a tribute to the legend at her last Hollywood performance and will honor the Queen of Soul this time as well.

“I’m going to do ‘Dr. Feelgood’ again because it just works with my history with Aretha,” said Scott. “She is my mentor and I got a chance to perform with her at Carnegie Hall, doing background for her, and recording with her and several other concerts.”

“I just love it,” Scott continued. “I was singing that when I first started doing clubs at 13 and 14 years old and all those songs she ever recorded. There’s a great history behind it and my roots are in the church. I started in the Baptist church when I was 12 and I still have that in me and it just comes out in this song.”


Rena Scott

Scott will also honor another act she worked with, The Crusaders, by singing their most popular song, the 1979 pop/jazz/R&B hit “Street Life.” She toured all over the world in the early 80s with the group after Randy Crawford, whose vocals you hear on the recorded track, left.

“I have a history behind that song,” said Scott. “Around 1983, I got a chance to work with them after Randy Crawford left, and they needed a female singer to take her place. They were going to Europe and I had never been. The thought of going there was always something I had dreamed of before.”

She continued: “So, I auditioned, got it, and left after two weeks to go to Italy, Spain, England, Sweden, and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. I’m talking about major jazz festivals all over Europe and all over the United States as well. We had arena crowds. They knew all of the words to that song and (many) didn’t speak English. They were so excited. I got standing ovations every night. That made it a very special time in my life.”

Scott also remembered during her touring days with The Crusaders that, “We were able to do festivals with Dizzy Gillespie, if you can imagine that. He befriended me and told me how (accepting) it was when he first went over to Europe with (other) black musicians. We did shows with George Benson and even Miles Davis.”

Rena Scott and Michael Henderson swooned there way on the R&B charts in 1978 with the duet “Take Me I’m Yours.” Henderson earned other hit songs in the late 70s and 80s including “Valentine Love” with Norman Connors and Jean Carne, “You Are My Starship,” “Wide Receiver,” and “Can’t We Fall in Love Again” with Phyllis Hyman. As a bassist, he toured all over with the likes of Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder. Additionally, he produced songs for The Dramatics.

By now, you probably want to know what plans Scott and Henderson have together at the Catalina Bar & Grill. While we cannot give up the goods, the two may have another surprise for their fans.


michael henderson
Michael Henderson

“We’ve been talking lately about doing another song or maybe even recording ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ live,” said Scott. “But he came up with another idea that’s fabulous. I have some remixes out right now and he was like, ‘Maybe we can do some remixes of ‘Take Me I’m Yours?’ I went, ‘That’s a brilliant idea.’ So, we’re talking about that and a new song. We’ll see what he decides to do because I’m ready.”

One of the remixes Scott was referring to dropped earlier this year. It was the Grammy nominated “A Love Thang,” which was an R&B hit in 2005. The ballad received a soulful jazzy update and hit the Netherlands in February. Scott’s other hit tunes include “Do That To Me One More Time” and “Remember.”

For more information on Rena Scott and her music, click on her website here. For more on Michael Henderson, check out his Facebook page here.

Before the show sells out again, click here to buy tickets for the two-night Rena Scott and Michael Henderson performance at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood on the world famous Sunset Blvd. The dates again are Wednesday, August 9, 2017 and Thursday, August 10, 2017.


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