Wednesday, May 22, 2024

D.C. Sources Say Donald Trump is Giving Omarosa Time to Resign

*Omarosa Manigault’s days in the White House may soon be over, according to D.C. sources, but Donald Trump isn’t ready to kick his director of communications to the curb just yet.

“Her days are numbered, but Trump is trying to give her time to resign,” one source said, per the NY Daily News.

You recall how CNN commentator and veteran White House reporter April Ryan said of Omarosa on Angela Rye’s podcast:

“She was going around telling Sean Spicer not to call on me [during press conferences]. She’s calling other people, newsmakers, sources . . . trolling my Twitter . . . She wanted to kill my career.”

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you're fired

She added, “When you try to kill me and my career because you want to advance yourself, because you are now making money after not making money from selling cellphones, and now you’re making $180,000 a year, good for you. But you know what? Karma comes back. And I told her, ‘The sad thing about it is: No one likes you.’ ”

Well, it appears karma is knocking on Omarosa’s door.

Since John Kelly became Trump’s Chief of Staff back in July, Manigault has slowly been phased out and her access to Trump has been limited.

Sources claim Kelly was unhappy about the storm of chaos she created at last month’s National Association of Black Journalists Convention in New Orleans. Her visit was described as confrontational and she insisted reporters “Ask me a question about me,” while avoiding inquiries about the administration she represents.

The source says that before Steve Bannon resigned from his position as chief strategist, he refused to meet with Manigault. And she also feuded with former press secretary Sean Spicer. The source believes that the racial tension after the white supremacists rallies in Charlottesville, Va., probably helped Omarosa keep her job.

Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says these claims are “totally false and made up accusations.”

As they say, we shall see.





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