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Crenshaw Christian Center Members React to ‘Betrayal of God’ by Former Pastor Fred Price Jr. (WATCH)

*As previously reported, Fred K. Price Jr. left his 28,000-member Crenshaw Christian Center church in shock when he announced that he was stepping down from the pulpit due to “personal misjudgments.”

Although members say they still have no idea about the nature of his sin, they remain on the defensive about their former pastor.

“Well, we know what you know. That’s what he said to us. As long as he told us it was personal misjudgment we really shouldn’t speculate,” CCC official Tamara Taylor told The Christian Post about Fred Price Jr.’s stepping down.

The emotional preacher told his congregation on Sunday (06-25-17) that he had to step down because he betrayed God, his family, and his church but he provided no additional/specific details.

“I have struggled with and am correcting and making amends for serious personal misjudgments which have affected my life and my family and which I deeply regret. I have betrayed the trust of God, my family and you my church and for that I am so sorry. Therefore, I’m gonna step down as pastor at this time,” Price told his congregation.

Don’t be surprised if it’s next alleged that he has several gay lovers. Gay corruption scandals inside the church make for legendary headlines.

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Crenshaw Christian Center Church
(Photo: Facebook) Former pastor of the Crenshaw Christian Center Church Fred K. Price Jr. (L) and his wife Angel (R).

Church officials at both the California and New York locations insist everyone — “except for relevant church administrators” — was in the dark about the reason why Price Jr. delivered the statement.

“It’s news that no one predicted and it’s up to each individual as to how they receive it,” Crenshaw Christian Center New York hostess Karen Taylor said. “We have no idea what it is (the betrayal). What you heard him announce on Sunday is what we heard so we have no speculation and we don’t speculate. We deal with truth.”

A source familiar with the operation of church and the Price family told The Christian Post that “The Price family, the source said, is very good at keeping controversies under wraps under the guidance of the church’s now 85-year-old founder.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen it play out in public,” the source noted.

Dr. Frederick K.C. Price founded the church in 1973 and his son’s exit from the pulpit comes eight years after his father anointed him as the new leader.

“We are one church in two locations. If they change leadership or if someone steps down on the west coast it does not mean we stop going. We have people who have stepped down on the East coast ministry who are no longer pastoring the church,” Taylor said. “The west coast church did not stop moving forward. It’s the same thing here. So there is no disruption of any ministry or anything like that. We move forward.”

She also noted that church members respect the ministry enough to know not to question the decisions of church leadership.

“We don’t [ask questions]. We go along with whatever they say until they tell us different, until we hear different. And if we don’t hear different we don’t speculate. We just go on and continue. Nothing that occurred with him stepping down affects this ministry,” she said, noting that the New York church has its own assigned pastor.

“We have church service on Sunday, we have our Bible study within the week and we have our ministry that continues. We deal with facts, we deal with truth. So far what we have heard is what everybody else heard on Sunday and that’s what we’re going with,” she said.



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