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‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,’ Explores How Bad Boy Became An Iconic Record Label

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The “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” documentary gives fans an inside look at what it took Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs to create Bad Boy Records, Essence reports.

Directed by Daniel Kaufman, the new documentary chronicles the label and its 2016 anniversary tour. The film recently debuted on Apple Music and colleagues such as Jay Z, Jimmy Iovine, Mary J. Blige, Nas and Clive Davis all testify to Comb’s greatness.

“The biggest thing I took from Puff was not to be afraid or apologetic for what I was,” says Blige.

Hollywood Reporter notes that much of the film is concerned with the label’s biggest star, the late-great Biggie Smalls, who was slain in 1997.

“Puff was B.I.G.’s older brother… [He showed him] it’s cool to be respected on the block, rap really tough and do 100 pull-ups on a light pole, but if you want to come out here, you better see this whole world,” Jay-Z says of how Combs molded B.I.G. in his early days.

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“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, is a behind-the-scenes look at the prolific label’s legacy and offer an in-depth look at the two-night anniversary extravaganza, that took place last May at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, in honor of the late rap great,” per

“I don’t want the Chrysler that looks like the Phantom, I want the Phantom,” Puff says after disapproving of his production crew’s run-through of the anniversary show’s lights and stage direction.

“If Future’s dropping two albums in one day, I got to leave that alone. I got to go to the big screen,” said Puff, in an interview with Zane Lowe. “I have to go and be around music in order to feed my soul and feed my spirit. And you know I may just release things in a different way.”

Watch Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story on Apple Music now.


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