Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Blac Chyna Celebrates Her Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian (Video)

*Blac Chyna and her lawyers giddily faced the press outside of court Monday morning after a judge granted her the temporary domestic violence restraining order she sought against Rob Kardashian.

Flanked by attorneys Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley, Chyna thanked the judge for barring Rob from posting photos or video of her, making personal comments about her or going anywhere near her.

“I’m just gonna get back to co-parenting Dream,” she told reporters, citing her daughter with Rob.

Watch below:

According to TMZ, Bloom filed new docs Monday adding to Blac Chyna’s claims of violence. In addition to her accusations of abuse in an April incident, Chyna now says Rob punched her, knocked her to the ground and she ran in fear to her bedroom, where Rob punched a hole through the door to get at her.

The filing also says Chyna fears his slew of online attacks — where he posted naked pics of her and other personal information — “will lead to increased irrational behavior and that he might harm her in his anger.”

Chyna also said she’s “terrified” of Kardashian because he has a gun and has threatened to use it to kill himself.

Kardashian’s attorney, Robert Shapiro, also spoke to the media after the hearing. He did not contest the restraining order and said Rob just wants to do what’s best for their child.

Watch below:

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