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Baron Davis and Celebrities Talk ‘Power of Influence’ at LA Style Magazine Pre Espy’s Brunch

*The 25th annual Espy Awards ceremony takes place this tomorrow evening (07-12-17) at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, but not before the inaugural series launch of The Muse Lifestyle Brunch presented by LA Style Magazine which took place over the weekend.

Dynamic influencers, industry experts, models, and tastemakers arrived at the Downtown LA Motors (Mercedes Benz) dealership on Sunday (07-09-17) for an elegant event served with entertainment, open bar with chef crafted brunch and a celebrity panelist sharing words of wisdom and inspiration to a room full of influencers.

The topic of discussion for the night was the importance of “Power of Influence” and EUR correspondent Jay Styles spoke with some of the celebs as well as the panelist who walked the red carpet and defined what the topic meant to them.

jay styles & nycole lynel
Jay Styles speaks with Nichole Lynel

Nichole Lynel, motivational speaker and the creator of Boss Chick 101 shared a humorous story on talking to her Uber driver about the power of influence while on her way to the event.

“We were just talking to our Uber driver about the…(laughing) power of influence.. and.. I… he shared something that was so good,” Lynel said. “ Don’t sleep on the uber driver because he was totally like, don’t just be influenced by the big things be influenced by the little things.”

Former NBA player and NBA Analyst Baron Davis also stopped by to talk with EUR on the importance of the power of influence.

“It’s extremely important you know… I think that we’ve all been blessed to be in a situation and have a lot of trials and tribulations in our lives,” Davis said.  As much criticism as we face as athletes sometimes or celebrities, I think it’s important also to…let people inside and love who we are and what we want because it’s always deeper levels to anything that the media surface.”

jay styles & major
Recording artist Major and EUR’s Jay Styles

Singer and songwriter Major, made a surprise appearance while entertaining the attendees with a performance at the event and shared a message for our viewers, but you’ll only receive its just due when you watch the video above.


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