Sunday, October 24, 2021

WATCH Jason Mitchell (Eazy-E in ‘Straight Outta Compton’) Act A Fool on Delta (Someone Took His First Class Seat)

We know Jason Mitchell is an actor, but he got caught him actin’ a fool on a Delta Airlines plane on Sunday and he wasn’t getting paid to do it. By the way, he wasn’t acting, unfortunately.

Nope, the dude who played Easy E in “Straight Outta Compton,” was out there … all out of control … because the airline double booked his seat.

Leave it to TMZ to get their hands on video of Mitchell’s meltdown after he realized someone was already sitting in his first class seat when he boarded the plane.

It’s some crazy stuff. You can see Mitchell going off on the flight attendants and the pilot. He even calls him a “pus*y” and then unleashes a bunch of “f*ck yous” to everyone in earshot.

Mitchell eventually got off the plane, but not before cops had to get involved. Law enforcement sources say Mitchell was cuffed and detained when he finally left the aircraft, however Delta refused to press charges and he was released.

Dang, after only one hit movie (well 2 if you count his small role in “Kong: Skull Island”) to his credit he’s trippin out like he’s a big entitled Hollywood star. Son might wanna chill before he strokes out and then where will he be?




  1. “Act a fool?” A Black man rightly upset at his purchase and personhood being disrespected by Delta and this is the narrative you–a Black publication–drew from it?

    You’re not even going to mention that we have no idea what they did to him before the videoing started. Nevermind, the racial dynamic or that he paid for first class, but was being sent to sit in coach. Just “all out of control … because the airline double booked his seat?” This ‘article’ is trash. Do better.

  2. “sunn M’Cheaux” you and Mitchell are part of the same problem.
    There was no “double booking”.
    The full story is now out:
    Jason Mitchell was late and missed his flight — not even at the airport. Delta as a courtesy booked him standby on the next flight. The first class seats on that flight were filled.
    So he uses his STANDBY ticket and starts whining and throwing around racial slurs and you support him?
    It is Jason Mitchel who is the TRASH — and do you hear him cursing out and making “white trash” racial slurs? He is the only racist on that plane.


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