Monday, May 20, 2024

Young Buck Sentenced to 7 Months in Jail for Violating Probation

Young Buck (Instagram)
Young Buck (Instagram)

*Rapper Young Buck is back in prison.

The former G-Unit member violated the conditions of his supervised release and probation on an arrest from last month with pending domestic assault and vandalism charges. On Wednesday, a judge in Nashville sentenced him to seven months in jail.

Buck — real name David Darnell Brown — also violated the conditions of a three-year supervised release stemming back to November 2013 after serving time for firearms charges by using marijuana and providing a false urine sample.

Buck’s troubles with the law have been ongoing this year. As the Nashville Scene reports, he had earlier allegedly threatened one of his baby mama’s fiancées in March and was then brought to court and ordered not to violate any law while pending a final hearing on that violation.

Last month he was arrested for allegedly threatening to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s home before coming over and kicking the door in, according to an announcement from David Rivera, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, “based on an incident in which Brown wanted to get certain property out of that woman’s house and was told that the property was not there.”

After he was released from that incident under conditions that he would not have any direct or indirect contact with that ex-girlfriend, authorities say he contacted her or tried to contact her more than 100 times.

Buck posted a message to Instagram on Wednesday, saying, “Things ain’t go as plan today. Lost my freedom again. Lord knows how much I’m gonna miss my Mother, children, my girl, my Real friends and family.”

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